True Beauty

“True beauty is born through our actions and aspirations and in the kindness we offer to others.” – Alek Wek

Rightly said, beauty is no more dependent on kohl rimmed eyes and shimmering lips. It is not about being flawless;albeit it springs from the heart, dwells in our eyes and shines through our blemishes.

Take the happiness litmus test and she, with her cheery smile, sparkling black eyes and effervescent persona,will surely score a cent! The true epitome of beauty,my maternal aunt is always a vision in white and possesses the knack of connecting with people with the utmost ease.

She is the strongest woman I have ever known. Her mental brawniness and emotional strength is something I really admire about her.A beautiful bride at the tender age of 19, she,along with her partner, embarked on the exquisite journey of togetherness but the nuptial bliss came to an unanticipated halt when her husband was diagnosed with a chronic mental disease -”Schizophrenia.” This marked the onset of unremitting hallucinations and delusions with the inception of the incurable malady; life indeed turned into a living nightmare.
Life,sometimes, demands struggles and in those gruelling situations, it is rather easy to get overwhelmed and “Give Up” temptation overpowers us. But did she surrender?The ball game was entirely different from what came before in her life,yet, she chose to fight like a warrior and emerge triumphant in her own eyes.
The early days of the relationship were quite baffling.On one hand,all she desired was to break through the shackles and free her soul,while on the other hand, she felt powerless to pull herself out of the deep,wretched hovels on pretext of “ Marriages are made in heaven and to be endured on earth.” To make her marriage divorce proof, she tried her best to keep her emotions in check and not let the world see how the “brain disorder” was wreaking havoc on their relationship. From enduring physical violence to tolerating emotional and verbal abuse, she took everything on her stride, because all she wanted was to be a little hand of succour for her partner,who himself was fighting against all odds to lead a normal life. Being a psychology graduate, she was au fait with the necessity of providing family support and guidance to a schizophrenic patient.Did she have the perseverance of the saints?  I wonder- Yes! Her relentless pursuits has undeniably stood the test of times and she,with her unwavering loyalty, is still nurturing her alliance with all love and care.
6 years after marriage, life was all thorns,adding to the miseries; society started questioning her “womanhood” as the child was nowhere in sight. This led to questioning her existence, in turn, giving rise to unwarranted fears and at last she decided to put an end to the woes by opting in for motherhood.  Motherhood is surreal in all the best ways; still the tough times did not cease here; and she was again put on trials,colossal in size and stature. My cousin alias her son was diagnosed with another fatal disease “Metachromatic Leukodystrophy” and with this, her world came crashing down. During this moment of intense grief, she experienced an epiphany that “God will carry her through the storm, will give her strength to endure the pain and courage to face the fears.”
My aunt is a woman of indomitable spirit. When she gave birth to her 2nd son, I remember telling her that it would have been good if she could have delivered a baby girl as she already had one son. She said that if that would have happened, she would not have loved me and my 2 sisters the same way she does now. Ah! I felt an immediate sense of relief because I loved her and still do and did not want anyone to take my place in her life. In spite of so many hardships,her dauntless fortitude has made her absolutely fearless.
For me and my family, she is the woman who fits in all the yardstick of beauty. Soft like a rock and fragile like a bomb,my aunt is genuinely the most beautiful woman  I will ever know!

I believe every woman has TRUE BEAUTY within her in all the roles she plays. For over 18 years across 650 plus salons across the country, Naturals has been helping the Beautiful Indian Woman get more Beautiful.

Today Naturals Salutes the Beautiful Indian Woman.

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Alone and Independent, I am no more scared to fly high

The audience loved her scintillating wit and flamboyant style,unanimously she was chosen icon of the decade award.

Red lace dress,diamond drop earrings and nude heels, Zara looked exquisite.

“Thank you! “, her face shone with rapturous joy, she said, “ I dedicate this award to my husband”. The concert hall resounded with cheers and applause, the spotlight glitz shifted to Rohan and his face brimmed with self conceit.

Zara continued , “ had not for Rohan’s abhorrence for my dusky complexion and his interminable criticism towards my non competence to fit in the good wife archetype,I would not have excelled. His jeers and taunts and my tenacity to prove myself grew stronger together day by day. Thus, with all my heart, I surrender this achievement to my consort-Rohan.

An eerie silence filled the foyer! Crowd listened aghast,gobsmacked by the turn of events.

Zara resumed, “  I was a puppet, you held my wings but now it is time to spread my wings and  soar into the air without You! “

The male ego was certainly bruised but it faintly concerned her for she was no more the old meek woman.

The new Zara paused and turned, alight with happiness, now she was free and ready to take on the world!

The new Karwa chauth

Glint in her eyes and the saccharine smile said it all! The piercing stares of the onlookers and the malicious slurs,nothing distressed Ayesha anymore.Dressed impeccably in her wedding finery,she looked resplendent.Trying to catch a glimpse of the moon beneath the scarlet sky,Ayesha peeped through the sieve and then looked at her reflection in the mirror. It was time for her to leave behind the lingering trauma of abusive relationship and embrace a new beginning after divorce.Now, she was married to herself for she knew that she will take care of herself in a way that mattered the most.

Shakti-an unconquerable force

The searing labour pain and she shrieked in agony while the babies crowned! 12 long hours of the harrowing rendition, and finally, Shakti gave birth to twin baby boys. Sweating and gasping for breath,she looked at the babies and their whimpers tugged at her heartstrings. She felt accomplished! Forced into surrogacy owing to poverty, she had resigned to her fate; a feeble smile appeared on her lips at the thought of giving birth to boys!

Married at 19 and mother of 3 girls by 25, Shakti was labeled barren for not being able to protect the so called “royal dynasty”. Her womb was cursed for bringing shame to her family by not producing a boy.Abandoned by husband and in-laws for the obvious, she had decided that no matter what, she will do everything possible to raise her daughters with dignity and respect and fight against patriarchy and the pervasive gender discrimination.

The Other Side:

Victorious moment called for time to rejoice! The grandparents heaved a sigh of relief,  their smiles exhibiting a euphoric sense of achievement. The heirs of the family had come at last and it felt like a double bonanza, the missing Y chromosome was found eventually. Praying in silence with their eyes shut, they profusely thanked god for saving the lineage of the family. It was a remarkable day in their lives, the family name was saved when Shakti, the surrogate woman who agreed to rent her womb, appeared like a magical wand and had put an end to their ongoing miseries. Rama, the meek daughter in law, also felt at ease. Now, her hardships of going through unending abortions and the subsequent emotional grief will finally cease. Diya and Avni’s happiness also knew no bounds, now they knew, with the arrival of their saviours- twin brothers, no one would ridicule their mother Rama for giving birth to girls and curse them for being born as the unwanted gender!

The nauseating smell of the medicines at the hospital also could not conceal their jubilation, all of them were ecstatic but the reasons were different.

20 Years later:

India magazine featured Shakti as the face of Resilient and indefatigable India. Notwithstanding the societal oppression for being a mother of only girls, she firmly stood with her daughters in fulfilling their aspirations.

The Good News!

“How to conceive a boy” and the mighty google deluged his laptop screen with various modus operandi to accomplish the fete. Warily making a note of every minute information, this time he was sure of his victory. Father of 2 girl children, he earnestly desired to have a boy and left no stone unturned to clinch the deal with his favourite god-Vaishno Maa. Fervently praying everyday for next 9 months, he was now ready to hear the “good news” and then start his pilgrimage to Vaishno Devi to seek blessings.

The doctor announced- Cheers! Maa Durga has arrived!

The jinx continued!


The chemistry behind the mystery

Far away from the city,lied a quaint little village.Bereft of healthcare facilities, the denizens,unfailingly, looked forward to Shanti Devi-a self taught doctor. Being the only one to be living a life of sexagenarian,she was revered and her medical advices were considered sacred commands.Regarded a highly religious woman,most hours of the day, she was found sitting besides her wooden home temple with the doors shut.The temple was no less than a pilgrimage site, with horde of devotees gathering everyday to offer prayers.The enigma continued for several years,nobody knew who the actual god was behind the bolted doors.

Mystery of the hidden divinity was  unraveled with the unannounced visit of  the chief minister of the state who had come to pay his reverence.The curtains were lifted;people stood still with the awaited breathe and finally the deity was uncovered! There lied innumerable medicines/drugs which were kept in silver plates and aesthetically decorated with gold and pearl beads. The secret to Shanti Devi’s long life was nothing else but her immense belief in drugs!

The heart wants what it wants!

The heart wants what it wants”- HAPPINESS!
The placard on the tinted wall evoked nostalgia in Miara. 10 years ago,frenzy wedding preparations came to a sudden halt with an unexpected phone call.Knocked down by a speeding bus while on a shopping spree,Miara was rendered paraplegic,this marked the beginning of her tryst with the wheelchair. The wedding was called off. Her happiness was dashed to smithereens but like a phoenix, she rose from the ashes of despair and took charge of her life.Challenging fate with hardwork and dedication,she found her lost happiness with the glorious win in the wheelchair tennis championship.